Since I first wrote about EMF shielding tips things have moved on quite a bit.  Some things still remain the best I can recommend.  Here is my latest take on things:

Managing pain attacks

To block pain attacks –  Go to therapy magnets and select ‘GOLD – 9000 – NEODYMIUM’: Still priced at £29.95. It is also worth getting further plasters at the same time:

PLASTERS – Large, price £4.95.

The website is accessible for

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend all the other products on the website, just the ones I mentioned.

Lack of research in this area has limited scientific findings, but in

Magnetic bracelet

Magnetic bracelet

2004 the BBC reported on trials funded by the Arthritis Research Campaign, in which a British Medical Journal study found a significant reduction in pain scores among 65 wearers of magnetic bracelets.

Blocking pain and healing tissue

I think the ‘Z-pen’ or Zero Energy Wands are still an excellent deal for blocking electromagnetic laser hits on specific body locations, and healing damage done by exposure to microwaves, ELF etc.  I am teting some new websites, as my usual supplier has disappeared, and will report back on this.


Concealing your energy field

Something I found recently that neutralises a lot of radio wave 618px-FarNearFields-USP-4998112-1.svganomalies, and makes it difficult for perpetrators to get a fix on your co-ordinates is at  You wouldn’t buy these unless seriously attacked, as they are very expensive, but I have bought them for myself and my family.  They provide cover making your wireless thermal imaging signature difficult to see.  I bought the E9004 – Energetic Vitaliser,  They say one E9004 covers 200 square meters/2000 square feet.  For shielding purposes coverage isn’t as comprehensive as that, but if you have two, it provides about four feet x four feet, which is broadly enough, especially when sleeping at night.

This website and others like it only came on-line relatively recently, and I think they are there to help targeted individuals.  I think the firms are also helping in welcome government initiatives to identify and protect people who are being targeted.  That has been my experience anyway.  But again I wouldn’t necessarily recommend all the products on the websites.

Another product that is quite good that I bought is the travelling version of the neutraliser that you can carry in your pocket.  The G-Oyster is quite effective.  It helps clear the mind if radio waves are being used to create confusion in targeted individuals –  Putting one on the table when meeting another targeted individual helps with communication too.

See also: about BBC tests on Q-link.

Picture – Near and far EMF fields – source:

Countering synthetic telepathy


White noise

Managing intrusive synthetic telepathy is a matter of personal choice, and most people find listening to music works well.  Additionally, I find that white noise machines with variable sound options are excellent. offers some reasonably priced ones.

I bought Marpac SleepMate 980A Electro-Mechanical Sound Conditioner, and it must have been on offer, because I paid just under £40, but now they are charging £101.94.  Others featured, such as Sound Oasis S-850W Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System, White, currently priced at £39.95, look good, but I haven’t tried them: –

Other things that can work well include air conditioning, cooling fans and fan heaters blowing cold air.  It is important to vary the total sound, as perpetraitors adjust the audio side of synthetic telepathy to take account of background noise.  That is why white noise systems with different speeds like the Marpac SleepMate are particularly useful.  Cooker hood extractor fans also work well, when combined with any of these other systems.

White noise picture source×180.png

Shielded clothing


‘X-static’ materials provide shielding against electromagnetic attacks of various kinds. Outdoor clothing firms provide some protection, usually with 3-5% X-static content. Somethings worth knowing on this:

– Law enforcement officers can buy undergarments made with X-static, designed to withstand electronic attacks – Potomac is one of the suppliers – see

Potomac Advanced Protective Fabric – Tactical clothing, military …

– Military clothing specially developed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan used X-static – see ‘Clothing Allows Military Personnel to Wear “First-Aid” Kit to Battle’

Womens’ running leggings with X-static can be bought for about £36 –

See also:… provides a range of EMF protection clothing including:

EMF Protection Scarf – Versatile Radiation Protection for your Head, Neck or Chest:

Women’s EMF Protection Maternity Top – Radiation Protection for your Developing Baby:

Men’s EMF Protection Underwear –

Curtain material – Swiss Shield – New Daylight – EMF & Radiation Protection Fabric –

Most EMF protection clothing is expensive, but if Amazon is now offering it, prices may begin to fall, as wider consumer uptake provides economies of scale.

Picture this section – source:

Top picture – Amateur radio station with multiple receivers and transceiver – source:

Blocking radio wave beams

600px-Window_with_transluscent_curtainsI recently bought some curtains that had a black-out backing, and they seem to be effective at blocking radio wave beams.

Sorry to keep plugging, but they are offering some very cheap curtains in a choice of colours – see:

– SRC 66″ width x 54″ drop, Blackout Thermal Curtain Lining. ***Now Includes 20 Curtain Hooks *** on a sale price of £13.99.


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