This post is about: 480px-Man_speaking_on_mobile_phone

  • the link between brain calcium and mental illness
  • The link between microwave radiation and brain calcium balance
  • How perpetrators could abuse this link to simulate mental illness in targeted individuals
  • How perpetrators could abuse the link between calcium exposed to microwave radiation and heart risks.


_63389756_psychiatric_hospital-spl28 February 2013: ‘The BBC reported that five psychiatric disorders shared several genetic risk factors. ‘Autism, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and schizophrenia all share several genetic risk factors, according to a major study…

The international study* compared the genetic codes of 33,000 people with a psychiatric disorder with 28,000 people without a psychiatric disorder. Four genetic variants appeared to increase the risk of all five disorders studied. Two genes were involved in the balance of calcium in the brain.’

*This latest report was published in the Lancet – ‘Identification of risk loci with shared effects on five major psychiatric disorders: a genome-wide analysis’, – see

‘One of the researchers Nick Craddock, a professor of psychiatry at Cardiff University, said: “It signals the opening of a potential new era for psychiatry and mental illness. “This is a scientific method that helps understand what is going wrong in the brain, the chemicals, the brains systems, that are important in illness.” He said that ultimately it could help devise treatments and better ways of diagnosing patients.

Dr Gerome Breen, from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, said: “It points out fairly clearly that there is a common genetic effect between these disorders. “These studies give a window into the biology of these disorders, that’s really valuable.”


On 7 September 2011 similar findings were published in Doctors Health Press: ‘A team of Dutch researchers have just found that high levels of blood calcium — rather than calcium in the bone — are linked to a faster decline in cognitive ability.NPH_MRI_272_GILD

In other words, high blood calcium is a signal that your mind might be weakening more quickly. Signs that your brain function may not be what it used to be include generally what one would assume: a slipping memory; difficulty concentrating; inability to pay attention as well; inability to learn new things easily; simple thinking becoming more challenging; and use of language is not as sharp anymore.’

See also:

– Human Epilepsy Can Be Linked to a Defective Calcium Channel,

– Now Calcium Channel Blockers Are Associated With Brain Damage, Memory Loss


Calcium_regulationCalcium as a molecule plays a significant role in the body, especially in the central nervous system…Recent efforts to establish calcium’s central role in psychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, were supported by using…a simple computational method used to explore the overall behavior of genetic networks.  PMC2861516/

When brain fluids are exposed to microwaves, their calcium content, described as calcium ions, is affected, causing:

  • ‘Headaches, Sleeping problems, Memory loss and difficulty concentrating; (Santini, Navarro, A. Bortkiewicz, Abdel-Rassoul, etc.)…’
  • Exposure to microwaves can also lead to ‘— Increase in “depressive mood disturbances, lethargy and listlessness, appetite disturbances, inner agitation” near 400px-Walgreens_Melatonin-2010-20-07telecom mast (Kempten West).’ Also quoted in paragraph above.
  • Microwave radiation reduces effectiveness of melatonin, which is one of the causes of calcium ion imbalance.

See also ‘Health effects of radiation.  (Western View)’: Arthur Firstenberg, author of ‘Microwaving Our Planet‘ states that “calcium ion efflux from brain tissue is extremely sensitive to irradiation with radiofrequency waves.”


800px-Concrete_step_barrier_3D_cross_sectionThe body has a Brain-Blood-Barrier which is there to prevent unwanted material from the bloodstream entering the brain. The Brain-Blood-Barrier does allow some materials to cross, via a semi-permeable membrane. See

‘This BBB permeability may partly explain why some people have headaches around wireless technology.’ Safety Advice for Electromagnetic Fields,

The Brain-Blood-Barrier’s security fence ‘can be broken down by:

  • High blood pressure, which opens the BBB
  • A high concentration of a substance in the blood, which can open the BBB.
  • Microwaves: exposure to microwaves can open the BBB.
  • Radiation: exposure to radiation can open the BBB.
  • Infection: exposure to infectious agents can open the BBB.
  • Pressure: injury to the brain can open the BBB, e.g. Trauma, Ischemia, Inflammation.


In the brain, something called Calcium ion influx and efflux can happen when the Blood-Brain-Barrier is opened.  In about 1974, American researchers, Susan Bawin and Ross Adey produced a paper showing that calcium ions flowed out of brain cells when exposed to pulsed and modulated Electromagnetic Radiation. The paper was presented at a workshop run by Dr Carl Blackman. Dr Blackman concluded that electromagnetic radiation changed the biology of the brain, substantially because of the alteration of the calcium balance.

‘The history of the research is that it began because of the concern that workers working with microwaves had a changed response time and changed behaviour which was identified with an altered EEG (brain scan).’


The recent reports quoted at the start of this article point to a connection between mental illness and calcium balance in the brain.  But how many of those classified as mentally ill are in fact just affected by microwave radiation?  And how many of those affected are Targeted Individuals?  These questions remain unanswered at this time, but they will have to be answered.

Some of the apparent rise in Alzheimer’s Disease in Western countries may be due to the effects of microwave radiation, for example from cell phone towers. But how can we be sure that perpetrators are not targeting the middle-aged and elderly with microwave radiation, initially focusing on brain calcium balance and subsequently targeting other vital organs, with the intention of shortening their life span. See ‘Research into link between Alzheimer’s disease and EMR’,


‘In the 1960s low-frequency electromagnetic and microwave radiation were identified as having potential for use in anti-personnel weapons…Documents from the US Department of Defense report: ‘Animal experiments have demonstrated the use of low-level microwave signals to produce death by heart seizure or by neurological pathologies resulting from breaching the blood-brain barrier.’ ??

According to Alistair Phillips, Director of Powerwatch,  as early as the 1980s, Dr Ross Adey, formerly of the Brain Research Center at the University of Southern California, and now at the Loma Linda University Medical School, worked on military research looking at behaviour modification and the manipulation of brain calcium to interfere with brain functions.

Dr Ross Adey was responsible for teams working on ‘brain activity of service personnel, including the effects of pulsed ELF and microwave radiation, and were funded by NASA, ARPA, NSF, USAF and USN…Later on Dr Adey expressed concerns about ‘the biological hazards of EM emissions from mobile phones’.


Heart_diastole‘Calcium plays an extremely important role in multiple systems, e.g., release of neurotransmitters in the neurological system, and contraction of the heart in the cardiac system.’ Safety Advice for Electromagnetic Fields.

‘Calcium and Magnesium play an important role in the contraction and relaxation of the heart. Neuroscientist Allan Frey, who came up with a theory for microwave hearing, found that microwaves could trigger heart arrhythmia in laboratory animals or even stop hearts with the right modulations. ‘Safety Advice for Electromagnetic Fields.

‘Magnesium helps dissolve calcium and maintain calcium levels in the blood, the excess of which could effect calcification and disrupt cell function. Additionally, magnesium allows just enough calcium for electrical transmission along the nerves…

According to The Magnesium Miracle, magnesium deficiency and calcium excess is potentially related to multiple conditions, including neurological, heart, infertility, osteoporosis, kidney stones, bowel disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, cramping, depression, and more. Perhaps some of the symptoms of microwave sickness are related to the calcium efflux effect.’

According to,the direct effects of wireless radiation on calcium ion influx and efflux are:

Impacts on neurological and cardiological system, membrane leakage allowing in unwanted substances, Interferes with cellular communication systems, Reduces melatonin.

Research into heart impacts of wireless radiation indicates:


ECG showing sinus tachycardia with a rate of about 100 beats per minute.

— A double-blind study showed that EHS individuals experience Tachycardia from DECT cordless phones (Magda Havas)

— Calcium efflux in animals’ hearts (Schwartz et al)

— Blood cells clump in rouleaux formation, as predicted by mathematical modelling (Bo Sernelius)

Symptoms include: 

Wiggers_Diagram— Arrhythmia, as shown in double-blind study by Magda Havas

— High Blood Pressure, as shown in a double-blind study.

Source: Safety Advice for Electromagnetic Fields,

See also BBC and Daily Telegraph reports on calcium links to heart risks:

  • 29 July 2010: Calcium pills ‘increase’ risk of heart attack,

  • 24 May 2012: Calcium pills pose ‘heart risk’

  • _60434318_m6270008-calcium_pills‘Calcium pills ‘double heart attack risk’ By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent, the Daily Telegraph, 24 May 2012


Many Targeted Individuals report experiencing arrhythmia.  The references above show that these symptoms can be deliberately induced by directing wireless radio frequency radiation at a person’s heart, resulting in calcium ion leakage, which affects contraction of the heart.


170px-PalmCellTowerI have found that perpetrators can hack into most wireless devices and use them to target individuals. In my experience, perpetraitors have used wireless clocks on gas central heating boilers, battery-powered clocks,  radios and broadband /wireless communications linked to computer systems.  Any of these systems can be used by perpetrators as a way to access the area where TIs live, track their coordinates and target them with microwave and other radio frequency radiation.

Wikipedia states that ‘radio frequency in the microwave and radio spectrum is’ also ‘used in a number of practical devices for professional and home use, such as:

DECT and other cordless phones operating at a wide range of frequencies
Remote control devices for opening gates, etc.
Portable two-way radio communication devices, such as walkie-talkies
Wireless security (alarm) systems
Wireless security video cameras
Radio links between buildings for data communication
Baby monitors
Smart meters for electric energy
‘In addition, electrical and electronic devices of all kinds emit EM fields around their working circuits, generated by oscillating currents. Humans are in daily contact with computers, video display monitors, TV screens, microwave ovens, fluorescent lamps, electric motors of several kinds (such as washing machines, kitchen appliances [like electric can openers, blenders, and mixers], water pumps, etc.) and many others.’

170px-IntegratedCellTower‘A study of bedroom exposure in 2009 showed the highest ELF-EF from bedside lights and the highest ELF-MF from transformer devices, while the highest RF-ELF came from DECT cordless phones and outside cellphone base stations; all exposures were well below International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guideline levels.’
‘The highest typical daily exposure, according to a study of 2009, came from cellphone base stations, cellphones and DECT cordless phones, with the highest exposure locations in trains, airports and buses. The typical background power of electromagnetic fields in the home can vary from zero to 5 milliwatts per meter squared.[citation needed] Long-time effects of these electromagnetic fields on human and animal health are still unknown.’


800px-Simea1According to Wikipedia: ‘When used against equipment, directed electromagnetic energy weapons can operate similarly to omnidirectional electromagnetic pulse (EMP) devices, by inducing destructive voltage within electronic wiring. The difference is that they are directional and can be focused on a specific target using a parabolic reflector.’…

When used against humans electromagnetic weapons can have dramatic effects, such as the intense burning sensation caused by Raytheon’s Active Denial system, or more subtle effects such as the creation—at a distance—of a sense of anxiety or dread, intense drowsiness, or confusion in an individual or a group of people. Three military advantages of such weapons are:

1. That the individual or group of people would not necessarily realize that they were being targeted by such a device.

2. That microwave radiation, like some other radio frequency radiation, can easily penetrate most common building materials.

  1. That with specialized antennas the radiation and its effects can be focused on either an individual or a large area such as a city or country…

Some bio-effects of electromagnetic (radiation) weapons include effects to the human central nervous system resulting in drowsiness, localized physical pain (e.g. headaches or joint pain), difficulty breathing, vertigo, incontinence, nausea, disorientation, or other systemic discomfort. Electromagnetic radiation weapons can cause cumulative damage to the human body. Electromagnetic weapons can affect the human nervous system and might lead to diseases of the nervous system such as Primary Lateral Sclerosis.

Millimeter-wave pulses can affect the epidermis (skin) and dermis, the thick sensitive layer of skin and connective tissue beneath the epidermis that contains blood, lymph vessels, sweat glands, and nerve endings, generating a burning sensation or actual burn from as far as 700 meters.

‘Ethical considerations

1. Faced with peaceful, non-violent protestors, law enforcement officials having, say, airborne, brain-wave-synchronized, electromagnetic weapons at their disposal could covertly influence the protestors to disband without the demonstrators even being aware that such an effort was underway.

Law enforcement officials could also use an electromagnetic pulse device to knock out unshielded mobile phones and cameras, reducing the capacity of civilians present to document police activity.

Faced with rioting and overt violence a government could covertly create a perimeter fence of radiation through which the rioters could not pass without feeling unbearable pain.

Using electromagnetic weapons law enforcement officials could, over time, covertly harass a “person of interest” into committing suicide and thereby effectively admit his involvement in the crime.

A US citizen could, under the protection of the US Constitution, launch from behind drawn blinds a covert electronic attack on an unwanted, unsuspecting neighbor thereby influencing the neighbor to sell his house and move away. Even if the neighbor suspected – or knew – he was being harassed electronically he probably could not convince the authorities to search his unfriendly neighbor’s home without his being able to produce indisputable evidence of the harassment. (And, since claims of electromagnetic neurological interference are often considered a mark of paranoid delusions: [see tin foil hat, ] the victim would be understandably reluctant to attempt to do so.)’


‘Electromagnetic shielding is the practice of reducing the electromagnetic field in a space by blocking the field with barriers made of conductive or magnetic materials. Shielding is typically applied to enclosures to isolate electrical devices from the ‘outside world’, and to cables to isolate wires from the environment through which the cable runs. Electromagnetic shielding that blocks radio frequency electromagnetic radiation is also known as RF shielding.

Materials used

‘Typical materials used for electromagnetic shielding include sheet metal, metal screen, and metal foam. Any holes in the shield or mesh must be significantly smaller than the wavelength of the radiation that is being kept out, or the enclosure will not effectively approximate an unbroken conducting surface.

Another commonly used shielding method, especially with electronic goods housed in plastic enclosures, is to coat the inside of the enclosure with a metallic ink or similar material. The ink consists of a carrier material loaded with a suitable metal, typically copper or nickel, in the form of very small particulates. It is sprayed on to the enclosure and, once dry, produces a continuous conductive layer of metal, which can be electrically connected to the chassis ground of the equipment, thus providing effective shielding.’

‘RF shielding enclosures filter a range of frequencies for specific conditions. Copper is used for radio frequency (RF) shielding because it absorbs radio and magnetic waves. Properly designed and constructed copper RF shielding enclosures satisfy most RF shielding needs, from computer and electrical switching rooms to hospital CAT-scan and MRI facilities…

One example is a shielded cable, which has electromagnetic shielding in the form of a wire mesh surrounding an inner core conductor. The shielding impedes the escape of any signal from the core conductor, and also signals from being added to the core conductor. Some cables have two separate coaxial screens, one connected at both ends, the other at one end only, to maximize shielding of both electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.’

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 17.36.15‘Equipment sometimes requires isolation from external magnetic fields. For static or slowly varying magnetic fields (below about 100 kHz) the Faraday shielding…is ineffective. In these cases shields made of high magnetic permeability metal alloys can be used, such as sheets of Permalloy and Mu-Metal,or with nanocrystalline grain structure ferromagnetic metal coatings. These materials don’t block the magnetic field, as with electric shielding, but rather draw the field into themselves, providing a path for the magnetic field lines around the shielded volume. The best shape for magnetic shields is thus a closed container surrounding the shielded volume. The effectiveness of this type of shielding depends on the material’s permeability, which generally drops off at both very low magnetic field strengths and at high field strengths where the material becomes saturated. So to achieve low residual fields, magnetic shields often consist of several enclosures one inside the other, each of which successively reduces the field inside it.’


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